What Happens When a Carpenter Bee Stings?

Carpenter bees have a similar appearance to bumble bees, but do not share the same febrile social characteristics. Instead, carpenter bees hide in nests nestled in building frames or trees, according to Pennsylvania State University, but can be found buzzing around these areas in swarms. If a bee carpenter stings you, you may experience the traditional adverse reactions to bee stings, including redness, swelling, asthma problems, and even death if you are allergic to bee stings. Get medical help immediately. Continue reading →

How to keep spiders out of a garden shed

Often, spiders do not receive the memo that garden sheds are used to house gardening materials and not places in which to create their homes. Garden sheds are usually dark, dry and private, which many spiders find desirable when choosing where to set their webs. Many gardeners would prefer not to have potentially poisonous spiders […] Continue reading →