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Insect bites

What Happens When a Carpenter Bee Stings?

Carpenter bees have a similar appearance to bumble bees, but do not share the same febrile social characteristics. Instead, carpenter bees hide in nests nestled in building frames or trees, according to Pennsylvania State University, but can be found buzzing around these areas in swarms. If a bee carpenter stings you, you may experience the traditional adverse reactions to bee stings, including redness, swelling, asthma problems, and even death if you are allergic to bee stings. Get medical help immediately. Continue reading →

How are bedbug bites?

Remember that if your house has been invaded by these bichejos the sensible thing is to try to end the infestation as quickly as possible. The clearest sign that you have a bed bug at home is not a bite, as bed bug bites can be mistaken for other insects (such as mosquitoes). Some people […] Continue reading →

Bed bug bites images

Bed bug bites are something that can sometimes go unnoticed, or in fact we do not know how they produce so we do not know how to identify them. Below we explain a little more about it and this way we are talking about what are the signs and symptoms of bed bug bites. Continue reading →