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Insect Identification

How to keep spiders out of a garden shed

Often, spiders do not receive the memo that garden sheds are used to house gardening materials and not places in which to create their homes. Garden sheds are usually dark, dry and private, which many spiders find desirable when choosing where to set their webs. Many gardeners would prefer not to have potentially poisonous spiders stalking around in their slopes. Fortunately, some techniques are available to prevent spiders from entering your garden shed. Continue reading →

How to Get Rid of Baby Ants

Baby ants, or larvae, are white and look very similar to worms. These creatures have no legs and can not reach their own food. The worker ants, which are all female, most of the colony of ants and are the most often seen. The working ants are in charge of feeding and cleaning the larvae. […] Continue reading →

Termites with wings pictures

Termites (also known as white ants) belong to the order of the isoptera, are characterized by being social insects and feed on wood and other materials rich in cellulose. Most of the termites are of tropical or subtropical climates, but a few live in temperate climates. In the photograph can be observed a termite of […] Continue reading →