10 home remedies against insect bites

In Insect bites

Unless we move to one of the poles of the planet, there will be no way to avoid that sometime in life we ​​stumble with mosquitoes, spiders, wasps, bees or any other type of insect that leaves a sting.

They are the most predominant animals on Earth and we have to learn to deal with the fact that they will sometimes attack us to feed or defend themselves. So today I propose a series of home remedies against insect bites that will be very useful in different situations.

Home remedies against insect bites


A very useful remedy against insect bites, and always within reach is salt. Just rub the area with a little salt and the itching will subside little by little.

Essential oils

Natural oils are a great relief when we have been bitten by an insect. There are several that can be used, among them I propose: lavender, cedar and tea tree. Apply in the area and you will notice the immediate improvement. It is important to clarify that this remedy should not be used in children or adolescents.

White vinegar

White vinegar is also very effective. It should be applied pure in the bite, however, it should not be used if the area is injured.


When an insect has bitten you, a good method is to put aspirin in the damaged area. Dissolve a pill in a little water and apply the paste on the bite. This will reduce stinging and inflammation. Aspirin has properties that neutralize the venom of insects.


Another product that neutralizes the poison of insects is papaya. If you have this fruit at home, take a slice and apply it directly on the lesion.

Sodium bicarbonate

This is another of the most used home remedies; prepare a solution of baking soda and water, and apply on the bite for 15 minutes, then rinse the area with plenty of water, the effect of bicarbonate will help reduce inflammation and relieve itching.


To relieve the stinging you can also pass a piece of soap directly on the sting. Either wet the area and rub the bar, or wet the bar and rub against the injured area.


Sugar helps relieve the discomfort of insect bites. Moisten the tip of your thumb and then submerge it in a bowl of sugar, so that it sticks. Rub your finger on the affected area, this will bring relief soon.


The mud is an excellent option to which to get quickly if we are camping and we have been bitten by an insect. Placing mud directly on the bite will relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Make sure it is as clean as possible, and when you remove it, wash the area well with plenty of soap and water to prevent infection.


The tomato is an excellent soothing to relieve the pain of the insect stings that leave its sting. The first thing you should try to do is remove the sting that may have left a wasp or a bee and then cut slices of fresh tomato and place them directly on the bite. The tomato will help reduce inflammation and relieve pain instantly.

All these are home remedies to deal with insect bites, easy to get and very effective. Do not forget to scratch the damaged area as you can cause an infection and complicate your condition. Wash the chopped well and gently apply the indicated treatments.

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