7 Home remedies for earwigs

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The plague of insects in the home can be the nightmare of several families throughout the world. Especially when we talk about a payment for earwigs, insects that scare a lot for their appearance. For this problem we will see a list with the best home remedies for earwigs.

What are earwigs?
The scientific name is “Forficula auricularia”. What do earwigs eat? they are insects that feed on decaying matter or plants. They do not transmit diseases or feed on the human body so they do not pose a risk to people. The real problem begins when there is a plague and they begin to damage the gardens and orchards.

Earwig habitat
Where do the earwigs live? It is known by that name for the limbs on its tail that are very similar to scissors. They usually appear in gardens, pots or places near gardens where they can hide. They like the dark so they usually live in holes.

Home remedies for earwigs
How to remove the earwigs from the house? The invasion of earwigs in the home may not be harmful but is extremely annoying for the inhabitants. In addition to that insect can displease and scare people from home. For this reason we will see a list of the best home remedies for earwigs.

1 Trap with vegetable oil
Home remedies to get rid of earwigs? This homemade trap has proven to be very effective in eliminating earwigs from the house or garden. In addition, it does not harm the environment or the plants.

Cut a can, for example tuna, in half and add a little vegetable oil. Just add enough to allow the insect to drown when jumping. Place the trap in specific places in the house or garden at night. The next morning you will find some earwigs, boat and repeat the process every night.

2 Towel with beer
Why are there earwigs in my house? A common question, this is because an earwig is looking for shelter in the home or in a pot. In any case, studies have shown that earwigs are attracted by the smell of beer. So the next trap to elaborate will help us locate them and take them somewhere else.

Moisten a towel with beer and place in strategic locations just before dusk. The next morning you will see that the towel attracted a few earwigs. It’s up to you to take the insects to another place or exterminate them. Repeat the trap all night until earwigs no longer appear.

3 Trap with newspaper
Homemade secrets to eliminate earwigs? A good way to eliminate earwigs is with the famous adhesive paper. In this case, we will teach you how to create a very effective one to catch these insects.

Place in periodic strategic areas and add a few drops of vegetable oil to attract insects. At the same time, add motor oil to give the paper an adhesive touch. Now we just have to wait, at night the earwigs will approach paper and get trapped.
4 Nicotine
Home insecticide for earwigs? The following insecticide is not recommended for use in plants or gardens, but it is excellent for the home. Nicotine is a chemical found in cigars that successfully repels such insects.

Boil an approximate amount of 8 cigars in 1 liter of water for 15 minutes. When you notice that the water is gray enough, turn off and add a little lavender to the mixture. Place the liquid in a sprayer and spread it around the corners of the house, holes or strategic locations. This insecticide also kills the insect instantly if sprayed on it.

5 Bay leaves
One of the best home remedies is the insecticide created from bay leaves. And the best thing is that it helps to scare the earwigs and no harm comes to your garden. So let’s see how we can use that plant to get those benefits.

Boil an approximate of 3 bay leaves in 1 liter of water for approximately 10 minutes. Turn off, separate the liquid and add lavender. Put the mixture in a spray and use to spray the home or garden. In a few days I will notice how earwigs have left their homes.

6 Mint
Mint grass releases an ideal fragrance to keep earwigs and other insects away from the garden. You only need to plant this bush in the garden or have it in a pot for the home. The smell that it produces will frighten the earwigs.

7 Eucalyptus oil
The eucalyptus oil also has strong aromas to keep the earwigs away. It is recommended to spray near doors and windows with this oil to prevent them from entering the home. You can also combine the oil with water and place in a spray to reach other areas.

Useful tips to keep earwigs out of the home
Certainly, earwigs can be a plague when they talk about the protection of the garden and home. There are different measures to take that will help keep these insects away from your family. Which are the following:

Avoid holes in the house
Check the walls, ceilings and floors of the home and make sure there is no hole. The earwigs usually place their eggs there. If you see holes, it is best to cover them, especially if you have a garden.

Change the light bulbs
Like many insects, at night, earwigs are attracted by the light of common bulbs. Its replacement is recommended by white light bulbs. It is recommended a bulb to kill insects in your garden for greater efficiency.

Grow odorous plants
A few moments ago we mentioned mint as one of the home remedies to get rid of earwigs. Well, there are other plants that can help you keep those insects away from your garden.

Lemon thyme and basil also have great properties for these insects. Keeping in the garden the planting of these plants in strategic places will help prevent the earwigs.

Fix moisture problems in the house
Moisture problems can attract various insects, including earwigs. So it’s a problem that needs to be fixed. Check pipes and other factors where water can accumulate in the house.

Also, it is advisable to keep the containers or water tanks sealed. Change the water in the vases at least once a day to prevent the spread of mosquitoes or other insects.

Meshes in windows and doors
A very good and used trick is the use of meshes on the windows and doors to prevent the entry of insects. Although earwigs do not sting, it is important to keep them away from home.

The last advice is hygiene. Constant cleaning is necessary in all homes to keep away all types of insects. You can save many spraying costs if you put more dedication into the continuous hygiene of the home. Remember to wash the home thoroughly at least once a week.

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