Bed bug bite pictures

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Bed bug bite pictures

Bed bug bite pictures

How to Recognize Bedbug Stings and What to Do?

We all can get a bed bug bite, contrary to what you can believe, these insects can live even in the cleanest houses and can infest it through clothing, suitcases or other surfaces that are their favorite places. The severity of the symptoms associated with these bites varies from person to person, some individuals do not even realize they have been stung, while others may be allergic or manifest rashes and a very strong itch. Before trying bug bed bug remedies, we must make sure that those responsible are these types of insects.

Bedbugs are small insects 5-8 mm long, oval shaped and nourished by the blood of birds and mammals. They are mainly nocturnal, that is; They feed during the night. While, during the day, they hide in the seams of the bed, in the cracks of the mattresses or in other furniture, in the wallpaper of the walls and in various parts of the room.

The chincha deposits a large number of eggs that open in about 4-5 days. In turn, adult bugs can live for months without feeding.

What is a Bedbug Sting?
Bedbug bites are painless, but bites can cause allergic reactions in many people with the resulting itching and rash. Although rarely the bites of these insects are dangerous, they can become infected through scratches.

In itself, there is not much difference in relation to the bites of other insects, among them the mosquito. Usually, a swollen and reddening swelling develops, but there are also cases in which a bladder develops. Even so, it is difficult to distinguish the bites of these insects from those of other parasites, even a doctor might have some problems with simple observation of the skin.

These bugs can bite following a precise and unmistakable pattern. While some bites may be isolated, most will regroup in rows of 3-5 bites, or they may simply gather in groups of reddened swelling (the product of a skin reaction called dermatitis). It is curious the fact that, if the insects have bitten you in the morning, their bites follow a zigzag path or in a straight line.

In general terms, they manifest in areas of the body that are exposed, such as the neck, face, feet and arms. Unlike mosquitoes, bed bugs rarely bite on the back of the knee or on the folds of the skin.

The skin reaction or swelling often goes away around one or two weeks. It should be emphasized that, if the bedbug infestation is not eradicated by killing all parasitic insects, some bites may heal while new ones will be formed. So, until there are bugs, this cycle will continue.

In short, the bite sting is very similar to that of the mosquitoes. The only difference is that the picket bug is very close to each other:

The bedbugs move crawling, and absorbing the blood in points near some delimited zone of the body.
The bites are often arranged in a row.

Symptoms of Bedbug Sting

Insect bites bedbugs cause an allergic reaction in most people and can be difficult to differentiate from skin reactions caused by bites from other insects or other allergies.

The skin rash caused by bedbugs is red, and causes itching, and is often darker in the center. Often, but not always, bed bugs form lines in groups of three. Although these can bite all the exposed skin, they are more frequent when they are in the face, on the neck, the arms and hands.

picture of bedbug bites
life cycle of the bug

The time required for the appearance of a skin rash is variable, reaching a maximum of 10 days or in less than a minute. Commonly, the more exposed a person is to the bug, the shorter the time needed for the eruption to appear. In rare cases, some individuals may have an extreme and dangerous allergic reaction due to bedbug bites, called anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock.

Among the symptoms of the bug bite is the appearance of a red spot on the skin, which is accompanied by itching in the affected area. It may be that these symptomatological manifestations take time to appear or appear immediately, sometimes they may appear after a few hours or as the days go by.

For the most part, the bite of the insect is not one, because the same bug can affect different points of the body. The most affected areas are those of the face, hands, arms and neck. Only in the odd case can one observe the development of an allergic reaction with the appearance of bladders and a particularly intense itching sensation.

It should be noted that the insect bug may be infected with the hepatitis B virus and the parasite that causes Chagas disease.

What to do in the case of Bedbug Stings?

It would not be necessary to go to the doctor for stinging bedbug, except in cases where particularly severe allergies are manifested, in which it would be appropriate to go to a medical center, or if you scratch skin lesions (they do) easier the risk of getting a bacterial infection).

In itself, the itching and spots caused by these bites, even without therapy, disappear over the course of one or two weeks. However, in order to speed up the healing process, a hydrocortisone cream can be used, which can be applied to the skin, or an antihistamine can be taken orally instead.

Medical diagnosis is not always necessary, the individual can make the diagnosis on his own based on his previous experiences and the recent history of his trip or, examining the bedsheets in search of signs of bedbug infestation.

When a medical diagnosis is required, it is done based on the appearance of an eruption with a detailed history of recent travel and lodging stays.

The doctor can also learn about possible drugs, herbs, and supplements that can be taken to eliminate other possible causes of the rash. There are no medical tests to diagnose bed bug bites.

Preventions to Take into Account in These Cases
For prevention it would be advisable, while disinfecting the place, to sleep with a pajama that can cover the whole body. It is necessary to inspect the rooms regularly and, eventually, to apply organic insecticide beds generally used against woodworms, ants, spoonfuls, and lice.
It is necessary to mention that people often associate bed bugs with scarce or poor living conditions, but these can also be found in clean environments. In recent years, bed bugs in first class hostels have increased. The risk of exposure increases with some activities, including:

International travel.
Frequent stays in hostels and motels.
Live in refugee camps and shelters for homeless people.
In the condominiums.
In the barracks or dormitories.

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