Remedies simple for mosquito bites

Remedies for mosquito bites
Sometimes it is simply impossible to protect one hundred percent against mosquito bites. If this has been the case, you can try some of the following itch remedies:

Ammonia: very effective, applied only in moments after being minced
Salt: wet the sting and rub it with salt
Apple cider vinegar: rubbing the bites and with vinegar relieves itching
Dentifrice paste: for best results, make it mint
Chamomile: make a very concentrated chamomile infusion and let cool. Then apply with a cotton ball. The colder the better.
Aloe vera: you can apply the gel obtained from the eyes directly on the bites to relieve itching
Lemon: rub the chopped area with the pulp of half a lemon
Tea tree oil: natural remedy for all types of itching, including mosquito bites. Apply without fear, several times a day.
Saliva: easier and more accessible remedy for all. However it does not calm major bites.

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