Are mosquitoes necessary?

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Insect World – It is known that in nature each species is part of the general ecosystem, so that the disappearance of any of them would cause imbalances in the whole. However, to what extent does this law apply in the case of mosquitoes? What role do these insects have? What would be the consequences of its eradication? These are some questions that researchers ask when it comes to an animal that is a vector of transmission of many diseases.


The debate over the elimination of this insect shows arguments for and against. The negative factors are obvious. People infected with malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, encephalitis, Nile virus and other diseases of which the mosquito is a carrier die every year. This does not count the permanent annoyance that they suppose for the people. In many places they make swarms that cover areas that suffocate animals like the caribou of Alaska.

But on the other hand, they live all over the planet fulfilling the function of feeding species from different ecosystems. Some scientists claim that killing them would leave other predators behind without their prey or plants without pollinators. In relation to the Arctic, where they form a compact biomass that floats on the tundra, eradication could lead to a reduction in the number of migratory birds whose source is mosquitoes.

There are also many fish, spiders, frogs, salamanders, lizards, who like to eat their larvae, because they are tasty to their palates and easy to catch. Their diets would be radically affected and no one knows what they could do to survive. In turn the loss of these fish would affect the chain from bottom to top.

The general consensus is that, while it is true that they are necessary for many species, they are not essential. Most ecologists believe that the price that must be paid to rid mankind of so many calamities can be perfectly compensated within the ecosystems themselves. Each species would change diet, among other things because they are neither the only nor the best source of food possible.

Studies suggest that there are few things that mosquitoes can do that can not be replaced by other organisms except one: effectively suck an individual’s blood by spreading the path of pathogenic microbes. And as there is no evidence of significant ecological disturbances, scientists do not applaud consideration.

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