Classification of Insects

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Classification of Insects – The time to establish a classification of insects, we would have to say that there are several alternatives. However, among the most important and significant is the one that groups them in this way:

• Odonatos, as are the dragonflies. They are identified by having two pairs of wings.

• Dermápteros, among which are the earwigs. In your case, it should be noted that they have very long and thin antennas that, as a rule, do not deploy.

• Diptera, like flies and mosquitoes. They only have a pair of wings and also what are known as halterios.
• Lepidoptera, as would be the case of butterflies or moths.
• Dictyoptera, among which are the cockroaches.
• Orthoptera, like crickets and grasshoppers. Its main feature, compared to other insects, is that they have hind legs that are prepared and adapted to jump.
• Coleoptera, as would be the case with beetles. Of this type of insects what is usually emphasized is that it only has a pair of wings since, through the evolution it has suffered, the other that it had has become a set of cases called élitros.
• Hymenoptera, among which the ants, wasps or bees stand out.

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