Difference between Termites and Carcoma

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Termites and woodworm only have in common the taste for wood, otherwise, they are totally different insects and with very different treatments for their extinction. For this reason, it is important to know if we are facing a plague of woodworm or termite.

How are termites?

Termites are whitish insects. They resemble ants, hence their nickname “white ants”. Adults have two pairs of wings in their body, which is held by six legs. White ants are social insects, that is, they cohabit in nests or termite mounds. They have three types of nests: subterranean (more than 40 meters), epigeous (mounds at ground level) and abóreos (on trunks or branches).

The main food is the cellulose that contains the wood. This cellulose is degraded thanks to the protozoa of its evolved digestive system. In terms of their habitat, most are from tropical or subtropical climates. They abound in Central Europe, South America, Australia and Africa, especially in tropical lowland and savanna forests.

As for the trail they leave, the termite galleries are usually dirty. You can see accumulations of dry mud that has been formed with traces of wood, excrement and cement with a kind of saliva used to perform the digestion of wood.

How is the woodworm?
The woodworm, or queras, develops in two phases. Therefore, opt for two different aspects. The first phase is larva or worm, which is the most dangerous for our furniture. The second phase, in which it undergoes a kind of metamorphosis, has the appearance of a small beetle.

It is an insect of the same branch as the beetle, it digs galleries in the dry wood, from which it feeds. It is more independent than the white ant.

In the first phase, larvae prefer dry to fresh wood (freshly cut) and it is not common for live trees to attack, select furniture and old buildings. Also, they choose protected places of the water and of the cold, therefore their more common surroundings are the dry zones and closed places, near the man.

The woodworm keeps its galleries clean. The remains he leaves is the sawdust in his stool.

How to eliminate termites and woodworm with Sitehisa
At SITEHISA, a company specializing in pests, we use elimination baits for termites. It is an innovative system that allows the total elimination of these insects through the phenomenon of trophalaxia (food exchange). The treatment against woodworm is based on creating barriers inside the wood. This process is carried out through injection and projection processes.

If plagues of termites and woodworm are detected it is necessary to resort to specialists to proceed to the extermination of the same ones.

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