Do mosquitoes disappear in winter?

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Do mosquitoes disappear in winter?

How many times have we asked ourselves this question? What happens to mosquitoes in winter? Disappear? they die?

Well unfortunately the answer is no. They do not disappear, not all die, some mosquitoes remain in a state of diapause (physiologically inactive or paralyzed development) between 6 and some up to 12 months, both in the egg stage and in the adult stage. They manage to hide and take shelter in some corners of our homes or outside where temperatures do not reach excessively low values.

They wait for the rains and the rise of temperatures to leave the state of “hibernation” and start again the cycle from where they had left it.

The phases of the biological cycle of mosquitoes are four:

Adult or imago

The first three phases are carried out in the water and in the last one they emerge to the aerial phase. The entire cycle is usually completed between 6 and 10 days, a period always conditioned to the weather (temperature and humidity).

Normally the females live between 3 weeks and a month and the males one week.

The female is normally fertilized only once, the sperm are collected in the spermathecae for their entire life. Once fertilized, you need to chop and get proteins (blood) to mature your eggs. Approximately they can spawn between 3 and 5 times throughout their existence.

Deposit the eggs in any accumulation of standing water, developing the larvae after about 5 days, depending on the species of culicides, (mosquitoes such as Culex, Aedes or Anopheles) and climatic conditions, since the temperature must reach 20 or 25 degrees Celsius, if it is lower its development is later.

Thus, larvae can be found in waters stopped in a myriad of places, like cavities of trees, canals, marshes, drums, tires, forgotten toys in the garden, plates of pots and a long etcetera. With only a height of just over one centimeter of water the larval stage can complete its cycle.

The tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus), which in recent years have proliferated considerably in our country, primarily in urban areas, gardens, private terraces, have enough with the amount of standing water in a bottle cap! to deposit their eggs.

Interestingly about the mosquitoes, the team of researchers David Denlinger of the Ohio State University, United States, placed sensors on the females and detected that after chopping (sucking blood, in this case a chicken) the temperature of the insect It raised 10 degrees in one minute, from 22 to 32 degrees Celsius. This effect of increasing the body temperature of the dipterous is the fastest recorded in cold-blooded animals, although they recover the normal temperature after a few minutes.

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