Eliminating Cockroaches is not an easy task

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Eliminating Cockroaches is really complicated, because since they appeared on the planet Earth about 350 million years ago until now nothing or no one has been able to eliminate them by witnessing the most incredible events: the appearance and extinction of dinosaurs; the appearance of the first birds and mammals; or human evolution, from the appearance of the first hominids to the present, being passive spectators of the entire history of humanity.

Eliminating Cockroaches is really difficult

The Roaches are without a doubt, the queens of survival. This admirable ability to adapt to the most inhospitable scenarios such as the extinction of the dinous ones makes them one of the most difficult domestic pests to eliminate.

Eliminating cockroaches with home treatments is not effective

The urgent need to eliminate cockroaches from infected homes incites in some occasions to resort to home remedies to combat them. Nowadays it is very easy to find web pages on the internet advising on the best home treatments to try to eliminate these unwanted insects, from the use of natural repellents -such as cucumber juice, lavender or laurel- to the elimination of individuals They circulate around the house through the use of adhesive traps with pheromones, the vacuum cleaner, or homemade insecticide baits based on boric acid, bicarbonate or gypsum.

The big question is, are these home treatments really effective in eliminating cockroaches in an infected home? The answer is no.

An effective treatment is one that eliminates the root problem and prevents its subsequent reappearance through re-infestation, and this can only be achieved through a thorough knowledge of the behavior, biology and physiology of the pest, as well as the most appropriate treatments in function of the degree of infestation and the species of cockroach that causes the problem.

Repellents to Eliminate Cockroaches
The use of repellents to eliminate cockroaches such as cucumber juice, essential oils of lavender, bay leaves or electronic repellents, only generate a repellent action, but do not eliminate cockroaches, or prevent them from continuing to reproduce, so They are not a solution to the problem.

Traps with pheromones to eliminate cockroaches
The same goes for the elimination of cockroaches by traps with pheromones or by their aspiration. These methods only eliminate cockroaches that roam our homes in search of food, but do not affect the nests at all, where cockroaches continue to reproduce with impunity.

Home Baits to Eliminate Cockroaches
As regards the home-made toxic baits to eliminate bicarbonate-based cockroaches, boric acid or even gypsum, it is true that they produce the death of the individual who consumes it, however, none of these applications of home insecticides eliminates the plague , because the poison does not reach the nests, and because it only eliminates a part of the population.

In addition, in some species of cockroaches, the females get rid of the ootheca hiding it in dark and protected places, which in a few days will give rise to a large number of new individuals. None of these methods affects the ootheca, which will continue to breed the new cockroaches under the protection of their hiding place.

Boric acid to Eliminate Cockroaches at home can cause serious poisoning

On the other hand, the handling of toxic substances to eliminate cockroaches such as boric acid can cause poisoning. Accidental inhalation of boric acid can cause severe respiratory infections and even death.

Boric acid poisoning is especially severe in children and domestic animals, in which the mortality rate from poisoning with this product is high. In addition, boric acid exposure in pregnant women can cause serious harm to the fetus, such as birth defects and stillbirth.

For all this, it is very important to leave in the hands of qualified professionals the handling of this type of products to try to eliminate a plague of cockroaches.

The solution to eliminate cockroaches is through an expert

Keep in mind that cockroaches are one of the most resistant and adaptable animals on the planet. Throughout evolution they have resisted massive extinctions, such as the one that ended with the dinosaurs, and have even survived the radiation generated by nuclear holocausts.

For all these reasons, we should not underestimate them in the struggle for their elimination in homes. The most practical and effective method to exterminate them is to leave the problem in the hands of experts in pest control.

The experts in pest control know in depth the behavior, the reproductive biology and the physiology of these insects. They know how to identify the species that causes the problem, where to find the nests, and to evaluate the degree of infection of the affected households or businesses, and from all this, they apply a personalized treatment based on the characteristics of the infection. It is, without a doubt, the most effective and quick solution to eliminate, once and for all, these unpleasant companions.

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