House plant sticky bugs

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House plant sticky bugs

Why does my plant have sticky leaves?

Certain indoor plants become sticky for some reason, and present in their leaves a kind of sap that slips through them and often stains the floor or furniture.

What is that so sticky? Discover it now!

What causes the leaves to be sticky?

It is a fairly normal condition that occurs in some indoor plants, which is not as serious as bringing the plant to death, but it can affect its growth and make it look bad.

What happens with your sticky plant is that it surely has an infection of scales, which are tiny insects that adhere to the leaves, suck moisture and excrete that sticky substance called honeydew.

To check if it is the scales who are making your plant sick and filled with that sticky substance, you should only look at the back of the leaves and pay attention to the stem. If you see small brown or black bumps, you will be looking at the hard outer layer of the cochineals.

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Get rid of them!
Now that you know what your plant has, it’s time to act so you do not continue to get sick. A good method is to spray the plant with a horticultural oil or soap, which will not kill the scale insects but will prevent them from breathing. Over time, if you repeat the procedure, your plant will be cured.

Another way to fight against woodlice is by dissolving your armor. For that you will need a cloth soaked in detergent and water, which will pass through the infested surface. To finish, take a swab dipped in alcohol and review each scale.

Surely you will have to repeat the procedure every one or two weeks until the plant heals.

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What you will also have to do is clean the honeydew from the leaves, so that it is slowly replenished. You can do this with a cloth dampened in hot water. Go over the surface of the leaves and everything that has been stained.

Now you see that the sticky leaves are produced as a result of small scales that gradually make your plant sick. But you already know how to eliminate them!

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