How many types of mosquitoes exist?

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How many types of mosquitoes exist? – mosquito lower classifications.

The ‘small flies’

Mosquito means “small fly”. These insects belong to the order diptera and to the family Cullicidae. They transmit some of the most serious pathologies for man, such as dengue or yellow fever. In fact, it is estimated that there are more deaths associated with mosquitoes than with any other animal in the world. About 3,500 different species have been described around the world.

The common mosquito

Mosquito males nourish themselves with flower nectar, while females are hematophagous, and their oral apparatus is endowed with a sort of suctioning syringe adapted to absorb blood. The sting can be painful and itchy because it secretes an anticoagulant salivary substance. In the image, the common mosquito or Culex pipiens.

Aedes aegypti

It is the transmitter of dengue fever and yellow fever. A female can put an average of 120 eggs up to four times in her life. A study with this species has shown that, when mating, the male and female their buzzing to a common harmonic.

The tiger mosquito

The tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus), native to Asia and spreading in America and Europe as an invasive species, is a carrier of viral diseases such as yellow fever or encephalitis. Its bite causes a great annoyance by the saliva that it injects, that makes the itch is persistent.

Anopheles gambiae

Anopheles gambiae is the main transmitter of malaria in Africa. Recently an international team of scientists has focused on two physically identical varieties of the mosquito species. And he has discovered that their genetic differences “are such that they appear to be becoming different species,” indicating a very rapid evolution.

Sabethes cyaneus

Neither does it transmit disease Sabethes cyaneus, a mosquito that inhabits the tropical regions of America, from Belize to northern Argentina, and has a surprising metallic and iridescent glow.

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