Insect meal in our diet

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Jose Antonio García Fuentes is one of my CFGS students in Dietetics taught by the UCAM, from the beginning he has shown great interest in everything that surrounds the world of entomophagy. To my surprise one day I send this article that I share with you happy and happy. Enjoy it!

Let’s start by saying how the action of eating insects is known since many people still do not know it, it is called “entomophagy” from the Greek “entomos”, which means insect and “fàguein” which means to eat. Although in other continents such as Africa, Asia, South America and Australia is a normal and normal consumption food, in other cultures it is very rare or simply not considered a food.

Currently there is much talk about the intake of insects, both for animals and for humans, however it is very difficult to introduce this type of food in cultures where it is not normal consumption and do not consider it pleasant. The society still does not know the great contribution of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals that supposes its ingestion, but many people still knowing it are not able to accept the possibility of substituting the meat for insects.

And if we said, flour based on insects, I’m sure that most people would take us for crazy, coming to think how they are going to make some food with insects and we’re going to eat it. But if I now say, “insect-based flour” to make bread or any product that needs flour as a base, with this option people with gluten problems could eat with tranquility, at the same time they would introduce into their diet an important contribution of proteins, vitamins and minerals, surely giving this option many celiac people would think about trying that insect meal.

You could even make pasta based on insects for people allergic to gluten, but there is also a possibility that it would be a breakthrough for nutrition, and it would be to mix insect flour with cereal flour and thus create very complete foods with a good contribution of complex carbohydrates, a large percentage of proteins and unsaturated fats (oleic, linoleic and linolenic). And for athletes? This would be a perfect food which would not provide almost any fat and would have a great contribution of high biological value proteins along with the carbohydrates of the cereal flour.

Insect-based flours can be made from a variety of insects such as crickets, flies, grasshoppers, etc. What makes that there is great variety when preparing flour according to what we seek, because depending on the type of insect we choose we can find different percentages of protein, fat and vitamins. Thanks to this variety we can play a lot with the type of flour that each person would need to consume depending on their nutritional needs.

But not everything is so easy, it is not as simple as taking insects and making flour, it is also very important the nutrition of those insects that we want to use. Naturally insects do not contain gluten but if they are fed with grains which contain gluten could remain in them and would not be valid for celiac people, so if we want to use these insects in order to make flour for people with allergies to gluten the nutrition of insects should be with gluten-free foods.

It is also important to know that like any food, insects must be properly preserved so that they do not suffer any contamination and verify that we buy them in a safe place. There is a possibility that some people are allergic to insects so their consumption at the beginning should be in small amounts to observe that there are no allergic reactions or unwanted side effects.

To finish I encourage you to try both foods made from insect flour and any type of insect, in order to have more variety in the diet and try new experiences, I’m sure at first it will cost you but when you try it you will not dislike it as much as you imagine.

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