List of tiny insects

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Insects are one of the most diverse groups of animals in the world. They live in almost any environment, either alone or in colonies. Small insects live around us, and are visible or not visible at all with the naked eye. Some small insects such as fleas bite and bite, some create irritating allergies, such as dust mites and some are simply a nuisance, like flies.

The midge, the smallest blood-sucking insect known to man, will grow to about 1 mm in length. These insects are so small that they are often referred to as “no-see-ums” because they are difficult to see with the naked eye. The gnats are insects with wings similar to mosquitoes. They live around the lakes and rivers, and the females attack the exposed skin, leaving behind an annoying sting.

Fairy fly
Fairy flies are one of the smallest insects in the world, measuring less than 3 mm in length. These insects are not really flies, but they are really tiny parasites called Mymaridae wasps, which deposit their eggs inside the eggs of other insects and adults are born. The main characteristic of this insect is its wings without veins in the form of oars, which have fringes on their edges, like hairs, like the wings of fairies.

Angel insect
Angel insects, or Zorapterans, are small and delicate, no longer than 3 mm in length when well developed. These small insects are very similar to termites. They live in the decomposition of the bark, in the wood, the fallen leaves and the trees. These insects are also scavengers of fungal spores and occasionally eat small mites. There are two types of adult angel insects: one pale, wingless, blind and dark, and one with large wings with compound eyes. The winged adult is able to detach from its wings when necessary. Both types of adults have mouths that bite and triangular heads.

Pharaoh Ant
The Pharaoh ant is one of the smallest species of ants, measuring approximately 1 1/16 inches long when well developed (2.96 cm). These ants are nested anywhere, especially in buildings with artificial heat or in dark and quiet places. Pharaoh ant infestations are difficult to control since the colony that has several queens move from place to the first sign of disturbance. When the colony is disturbed, a queen, along with several workers and adults simply create a new colony in a different place. Professional help is usually necessary when dealing with an ant pharaoh infestation.

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