How to Identify a Venomous Spider

How to Identify a Venomous Spider Spiders are most fascinating and interesting animals, so we have already analyzed various details and peculiarities about the species, we learned what are the 3 most poisonous spiders on Earth, we demolish several myths about spiders and many other things. In one of those times, a reader asked us […] Continue reading →

Garden spider pictures uk

Cylindrical weavers, such as the labyrinth spider (Agelena labyrinthica), reach maturity at the end of European summer, so larger specimens can be seen at this time of year. Its name is due to the type of structure that weaves at ground level: a huge funnel-shaped web with a surface of half a meter wide. Continue reading →

Garden spider pictures

The European garden spider (Araneus diadematus) is very common. The color varies, ranging from pale yellow to blackish brown with pale spots on the abdomen that often take the form of a cross. The females are bigger than the males. Newborn spiders have yellow abdomen with a dark spot. As with all spiders, it has […] Continue reading →