Bug bites that cause swelling and redness

Bug bites that cause swelling and redness When an allergic reaction to the bite develops consult a physician. Medications depend on the severity of the allergic reaction. A mild reaction with minor skin rashes and mild respiratory problems are treated with antihistamines, corticosteroids and / or adrenaline injections, tetanus booster vaccination (if needed). Severe reactions […] Continue reading →

Plant insects white

Hello agrohuerters! In today’s article we will talk about the white insects and bugs that we can find in our plants. Last week we learned to identify the main green bugs we could find in the orchard. Today, we change color, and we will observe the most important white bugs. Continue reading →


The white mite, also known as white spider, is a species of arachnid (I remember that mites are not insects). It develops in moist areas and low temperature. It is common for it to appear not only in the open air but also in orchards or crops grown inside our home. Continue reading →