Great peacock (Saturnia pyri)

Insect Names – The Great peacock, its name says, great butterfly; Widely distributed in the Iberian Peninsula. It is a moth and very robust. Of great magnitude, between the 100 and 150 mm. The imagine bred reached a maximum of 70 mm. Insect Identification Both wings are brownish, of a brown that tunes with the drawings in […] Continue reading →

Where do flour bugs come from

Where do flour bugs come from? Flour is one of the fundamental elements in the world food. Since ancient times, tribes and communities from all over the world have used it as the main element for food processing. According to records, from the year 6000 BC it was discovered that flour could be obtained by […] Continue reading →

Different types of insects

Know the types of insects that exist and their characteristics Different types of insects – Insects are animals formed by special limbs, belong to the class of arthropod phylum. In speaking of insects we will be presenting a great part of different types of insects that exist in the world, they are more than nine […] Continue reading →

Yellow Scorpion

Insect Names – Yellowish, with a size of about 12 to 15 centimeters with the tail unfolded. Tail segmented finished in a light brown sting. Eight legs plus two pedipalpos (forceps). Arid and stony areas. In general it avoids the humid zones. The male and female are caught by the pedipalpos and spin in circles […] Continue reading →

American Maple Bug

Insects names – Bedbugs are insects that are 1/2 inch long, dark brown or black with red markings visible on their wings. Habits There are 2 generations per year and the second generation of adults winter in protected locations, including buildings. During the summer, these insects live on American maple trees, where they feed on […] Continue reading →