Ant pest control service

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Ant pest control service

Although there is a wide variety of non-professional products to kill ants, you will need professional help to eliminate a resistant ant pest, or for some ant species that are more resistant to non-professional insecticides.

Services to eliminate ants with Rentokil
Rentokil service technicians have all the required certificates as well as extensive experience dealing with pest problems. Their deep knowledge of the ants allows them to understand the habits of each species and thus to develop the treatment to eliminate ants more effective in each case.

Remove ants at home
Although many individuals prefer to try to eliminate an ant pest at home with non-professional products, or even home remedies, we often encounter many cases of ant pests that have managed to survive these non-professional products, and therefore need more specialized treatment.

Our ant removal treatments have been designed to solve ant problems quickly, ensuring the safety of your family and pets throughout the process.

Once the problem of ants has been solved, it is advisable to follow our advice to avoid an ant plague at home, and thus prevent the pest from reproducing again. For example, it is recommended to cover the food and to clean the rest of food or liquids to avoid attracting ants or other insects.

Eliminate ants in a business
If in an house or on a floor the ants are annoying, in a business they can also damage their reputation and make customers never come back. A plague of ants is especially dangerous in food businesses, with the need to maintain sterile areas.

Businesses such as bars, restaurants, hospitals, offices, and warehouses and other types of business that store food need to maintain the highest level of hygiene, and that means keeping facilities free of ants.

Consequences of a plague of ants in your business:

Product waste – food and products contaminated by ants must be disposed of in the trash.
Fear – a plague of ants in places such as a hospital or a nursing home can alarm patients and cause hygiene standards to be questioned.
Damage to reputation – if your reputation suffers so will your profits, as customers will flee from ants.
Removing ants with Rentokil
Our pest control service includes a first inspection where we confirm the existence of the pest and identify the invasive species. Broadly speaking, our treatments include the following:

The consultant will recommend a treatment plan based on your infestation and your business sector, as well as the cost of such treatment.
Once you have approved the price, the consultant will see to it that a technician goes. You may need several visits depending on the treatment to be performed.
On the first visit, the technician will explain the development of the treatment.
We can also schedule regular maintenance visits to ensure that the problem does not reproduce.

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