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Exterminate Pests of Bed Bug

Bed bugs are blood-sucking insects (they feed mainly on human blood) approximately 3 to 7 mm in length and reddish brown. Its name derives from the areas in which they are usually found (bed area and surroundings). It is one of the pests that has best adapted to the human environment thanks to its ability to hide and its rapidity to spread and reproduce in our climate.

How do I know they are bed bugs? I do not see any insect

We usually notice this type of problem because we get out of bed with lots of bites (usually small, red and in line). Another clear evidence is the droppings they leave near their hiding places (small black dots). We can even find bloodstains on the sheets or directly bed bugs on them. How did they get here?

The entrance of this type of problems in homes and hotels is mainly due to the ease with which the bug has to hide. Usually people usually start with the problem when they stay in hotels, motels or other types of accommodation that are infested. The moment they return home with their suitcases (already infested) the bug will have found another perfect environment to feed and reproduce. This can also happen if we take furniture from the street (even if apparently in good condition). Even staying a long time in an infested area could get to hide in our clothes and be transported (very isolated cases).

How do I eliminate them?

Unfortunately, bed bugs are one of the most complex problems that professionals in the pest control sector encounter. It is vitally important that a professional expert in bed bug treatment evaluates the entire action plan to eliminate the problem, since they are extremely complex and long treatments. It must be taken into account that the time of carrying out the treatment could vary between 1 and 5 hours since the areas to be treated have to be prepared meticulously, and in turn treatment is usually carried out in 2-3 phases in intervals of 7 a 15 days to guarantee the elimination of the problem.

To carry out the treatment, it may be necessary to dismantle plugs, telephone boxes, baseboards, door or window frames, furniture and the like. It is essential to wash all clothing that is in the house (both bedding and everyday clothing) at a temperature of at least 60 degrees for at least 30 minutes. Almost certainly will have to throw mattresses and mattresses that are very affected (there are times when we can save them with special cases) as well as furniture, luggage, backpacks and other household items that by their inaccessibility make it impossible or unsafe to aplica.BCNplagas: Eliminate Bed Bug It is important to know to understand the magnitude of the problem that the females of bed bugs lay eggs throughout their lives, an unusual fact in insects. In general they produce around 2 to 3 eggs per day and since they can live for several weeks, really months, each female can produce around 400 – 500 eggs during her life and can stay almost a year without feeding.

Do I have to empty the room?

This will depend on each particular case, but if a problem is detected in time most of the furniture can be saved or treated safely. It will be the technician responsible for the treatment who will determine what and how to proceed with the elements that make up the units under treatment. Chemical treatment and alternatives

Unfortunately, the chemical treatment is the one that offers the greatest guarantees of elimination at present. Until now, work has been carried out using thermal shocks (elevation or drastic reduction in temperature), but the treatments have not yielded the expected results and their use is purely complementary to the chemical treatment. The vast majority of companies in Spain and Portugal continue to consider chemical treatment as the only measure that alone can solve pests of this type.

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