How to Kill Cockroaches at Home?

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Cockroaches are one of the most difficult insects to fight for humans, it has been shown that these small (disgusting) creatures can survive a nuclear attack and many natural disasters. While this is true for cockroaches, exterminating them in a private home is very possible. However, you will have to work very hard and using only one product will hardly help you. We recommend using a complex approach.

Here you will know how to get rid of cockroaches using slow and fast action solutions approved by scientists. Such an approach comprises a great variety of steps and actions; from keeping your house constantly clean to using effective solutions. We have chosen the best cockroach control products for those whose accommodation is constantly attacked by these pests.


Jeff Hahn and Mark E. Ascerno, extension scientists at the University of Minnesota, have emphasized the need to resort to insecticides to kill cockroaches. Apparently, when dealing with a serious pest infestation, non-chemical solutions alone will not work and more drastic measures are required.

In addition, they advocate a comprehensive approach and the use of chemical products in combination with other efforts such as cleaning and eliminating shelters for cockroaches.

The entomologists at Auburn University have expressed it in more energetic terms: “The least effective control method is the use of chemicals on its own. Using only chemical products produces resistance to insecticides and, ultimately, very poor control, “they say. As an example, researchers note that oily surfaces reduce the effect of insecticides.

There is a wide range of insecticides available in the market, therefore, it is not necessary to identify all brands; instead, we list the most potent active ingredients that can be found on the product label. When choosing an aerosol, either an aerosol or a liquid, look for the following compounds: deltamethrin, cypermethrin, permethrin, and cyfluthrin.

Because They Get Out Eating Cockroaches

These are active ingredients recommended by scientists to kill cockroaches. Also, keep in mind some practical guidelines on how to kill cockroaches. First, do not download it all over the room, instead, focus on precise places where insects congregate normally. Second, do not apply the product on flat surfaces such as the floor. Third, make sure that chemicals do not enter human and pet foods.

As for baits, manufacturers place them in containers that are safe for humans to handle. The strong point of this solution is that the container can be stuck to a specific site and its application discards the dispersion of chemical products. M. K. Rust and D. A. Reierson, entomologists at UC Riverside, have indicated several active ingredients that kill cockroaches, but not all can be obtained by the owners.

Products containing fipronil, indoxacarb and abamectin are designed for professionals, while compounds such as hydramethylnon and imidacloprid are intended for owners. Consider that the use of nebulizers and aerosol pumps is not recommended by scientists, since they have too many disadvantages. First, they do not deliver insecticides correctly to cracks, while these are the most common sites that harbor cockroaches. Second, nebulizers and pumps are more likely to be dangerous for humans and pets.


Such a variety of products to kill cockroaches. But which one should be chosen? Actually, the answer depends on a specific situation in your home, the level of infestation and other conditions. Now, we outline the key peculiarities of the cockroach extermination solutions available in the market and you yourself decide what exactly you need.

You can choose any of the products that show an immediate result or long-term solutions, but with a permanent effect. Scientists at the University of Auburn have highlighted dust as a method of slow action but, at the same time, providing lasting control. The powders are intended to be applied in dry and closed areas where insects normally hide.

The most commonly used ingredient is the boric acid that we have examined in detail in a separate section of this review. Normally, the dust produces more or less tangible results in a week or so killing the entire infestation.

According to researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the best active ingredients contained in the baits are also slow-acting. This ensures that the decoy consumed by a cockroach will kill it. Hydramethylnon acts slowly and is a stomach poison available in both granules and gel form. It is not toxic to humans when handled according to the label.

Fipronil is the fastest-acting ingredient and has a significant impact even at low concentrations. But as we mentioned earlier, fipronil can only be used by licensed professionals, to hire them, call the local pest control service.

Still, Grzegorz Buczkowski of North Carolina State University presented the results of a study that shows a clear advantage of slow-acting solutions. “When the dead baits and cockroaches were removed from the large sands and replaced by new cockroaches, only the slow-acting hydramethylnon residues killed most of the nymphs and adults, while the fast-acting insecticide residues (chlorpyrifos and fipronil) killed fewer nymphs and adults, “says the document. Therefore, fast-acting insecticides provide an immediate result, but are ineffective for the second population of cockroaches.

Among slow-acting insecticides, some are more effective than others depending on the shape of the product. Therefore, the abamectin-based gel kills all the cockroaches that consumed the substance, while the powder that contains the same amount of abamectin kills three times fewer pests. This is due to the fact that cockroaches are less prone to ingest dust and, on the other hand, are sometimes deterred by it. Aerosols and aerosols kill quickly and provide only short-term control.

One of the disadvantages is that these solutions simply expel the cockroaches from the treated area but not from the house. Eventually, they will emerge in the same place for a while. Worse still, those who survived become resistant to chemicals, making it harder to kill cockroaches.

Apart from that, insecticides can kill insects on contact or affect the entire colony. Therefore, the aerosols available to owners have a low concentration of active ingredient and eliminate cockroaches only when they come in contact with them. For this reason, aerosols do a poor job of eliminating an infestation of pests in closed areas such as cracks and crevices. Dusts also work through contact with insects and are effective when applied in hard-to-reach areas.

An alternative to kill cockroaches in contact is an approach that involves the application of insect growth regulators (IGRs) that make affected insects infertile. Scientists at the University of Kentucky point to hydroprene, a registered insect growth regulator targeted at cockroaches. This insecticide is available in aerosol or liquid. When applied to a cockroach, the hydroprene is absorbed into the body of the insect and makes it infertile without killing it directly.

This is a durable solution but, nevertheless, a repeated application is required in three or more months to obtain satisfactory results. In a month, you will see the reduction in the cockroach population, but the control of pests will last longer, since the insects will no longer be able to reproduce. Do not get upset if you initially see even more cockroaches during the day. It’s okay. Such behavior indicates that IGR really works, just give it time.

Another recommended IGR is based on pyriproxyfen that affects nymphs and develops them in infertile adults. This is a slow-acting solution with low toxicity for humans. Noviflumuron is also an insecticide that does not kill cockroaches directly. It makes cockroaches unable to shed their exoskeleton which results in the death of the insect when it grows.

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