How to scare away mosquitoes

How to scare away mosquitoes

Some ways to ward off mosquitoes are: electrical appliances (pills, liquids or ultrasound), or anti-mosquito lotions, there are some remedies that help to drive away mosquitoes. The most common are candles with lemon or citronella scent (especially useful for summer dinners when another interesting measure may be to sit near someone who says they are always targeting mosquitoes).

Mosquito nets on the windows are a good way to prevent mosquitoes from visiting at night, but only if we have closed the house all day – if they are already inside, mosquito nets in the window are obviously not a good solution, because far from impeding their entry, rather prevent their exit.

Some mothers choose to protect their baby’s crib with a mosquito net. It can be an effective and also ecological solution, although it is advisable to ensure that the child can not grasp the fabric, for safety reasons.

There are also plants that help repel unwanted insects

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