Mosquito pest control services

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Mosquito pest control services

Mosquitoes can spread diseases to animals and people. Control programs should focus on reducing their numbers to minimize the risk of disease spreading among their animals.

Several methods are used:

Control of mosquito breeding sites

This is the best way to control mosquitoes since these insects lay their eggs in specific areas and these are susceptible to be handled.

Here are some useful measures:


– Add holes to drain structures and deposits where water can accumulate (barrels, used tires). – Change or circulate water from livestock tanks, food containers and pet water and bird fountains at least once a week.

– Drain rainwater that has accumulated on awnings and decks after rain (eg, silage covers).

– Properly collect and dispose of all litter, especially any objects where water may accumulate.

– Remove weeds and remove leaves from trees that accumulate in ponds. This will allow the fish in the ponds to have easy access to the places where the mosquitoes lay their eggs to eat them.

– Match areas where there are furrows caused by vehicles, potholes, hoof prints (around livestock tanks, ponds).

– Match the newly empowered lands to avoid standing water. These places create places where females of mosquitoes lay their eggs.

Control of Mosquito Larvae

Biopesticides such as BTI (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) are often used. BTI granules can be spread in grassland areas prone to flooding. They apply at the beginning of the mosquito season and reapply them mid-season.

Control of Adult Mosquitoes

Special equipment is required to apply pesticides in order to kill adult mosquitoes (adulticides). The small droplets produced move through the air and come in contact with adult mosquitoes to kill them. ULV (Ultra Low Volume) equipment can be used mounted on pickup trucks or portable. The equipment that is habitually used for the control of adult mosquitoes are cold foggers and thermo-foggers.

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