The advantages of Biological Pest Control

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Biological control is a safe and natural method to keep pests like aphids and mites in the bay. It is an economical and effective technique in the control of pests and the management of agricultural programs. The method uses the natural enemies of pests to eliminate harmful insects in order to reduce the risk of pesticide abuse and possible environmental chemical contamination.


Classic biological control is cheap and produces long-lasting effects. Apart from the initial expenses for import, collection and breeding, the costs are minimized. When a natural enemy is used and becomes a success, the procedure rarely requires additional biological input and will continue to kill the pests without direct help from you, and at no additional cost. The biological control has proved to be a great success and economical. Even though the procedure has been less than successful, it is still capable of producing a remarkable benefit-cost relationship.


Another advantage of biological control is based on its ability to provide semi-permanent regulation for devastating agricultural and environmental pests that can be a challenge or even impossible to control the use of chemicals, more traditional means.

Biological control is also recognized as more effective against agricultural pests that are less harmful, which need only to be controlled and repressed, and not permanently eliminated. Biological control is more favorable to the environment and generally more lucrative than chemical pesticides.

Eco friendly

Biological control agents are non-polluting and, therefore, acceptable for the environment and safe. Typically, the species used are specific to specific weeds or pests. The biological control method avoids the use of ecologically and environmentally hazardous chemical products, so that in this way the natural balance is promoted.

Catalyst for future improvements

The application of biological control practices is only the beginning of the most natural and ecological approaches to pest control. With more studies and experiments, biological control could transform pest control in the future, greatly reducing the need for pesticides and herbicides. On the other hand, since it has a huge potential economic value, job opportunities and jobs could increase dramatically in the agricultural field. Permanently eliminating dependence on chemical means increases biodiversity, as well.

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