What is the meaning of Biological Pest Control?

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Biological Pest Control is a component of integrated pest management aimed at reducing the local population of agricultural pests by the selective introduction of biological antagonists in the form of a pathogen, parasite or insect predator.


There are three main methods of biological control of pests, each of which promotes the goal of reducing the use of toxic chemicals to control pests. As a result, human health and environmental impact is reduced while biological diversity is geographically conserved.


The conservation of predators are naturally adapted to a specific environment is a key objective of biological control of pests. Coordinated efforts to support this mechanism include the modification or improvement of natural resources to ensure the continued survival of the predatory organisms that feed on the target pests.

Classic Biological Control

Also known as importation, this method involves the introduction of a predatory species to a place where it did not previously exist.


This method of biological control of pests involves the intentional release of supplementary numbers of predators in an environment. The location can be increased by the inoculative release of a limited number of predators at a specific time during the season, or with the flood release of a large number of predators at the same time.


While biological pest controls are safer and more cost-effective for humans, there are some potential environmental risks involved. For example, sometimes the release of biological pest controls has the unintended effects of accidentally eradicating beneficial insect species or naturalized plants to a specific region.

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